It was the summer of 2014 and after years of hearing about H-1B’s and working with them and observing my friends training their replacements with Indians circa Year 2000, I started to become more curious about the issue and more angry. I was looking for stories, evidence of what I personally have observed, American IT workers losing their jobs and homes to this practice that has been going on for years. During the summer of 2014. I gathered heartbreaking stories from a ground-breaking AP story about Infosys and IT worker layoffs. I was astounded as to the sheer volume of comments in the AP story and proceeded to cut and paste these comments into a massive file over a period of weeks. Over drinks in a Korean bar I created Facebook community page Save American Information Technology Jobs and posted initial IT workers horror stories. A starter web page was created called I created a petition to Save American IT Jobs and was touched and published the comment as evidence that US IT workers were discriminated by its own government pushed by the American Tech companies to hire cheap foreign labor and leave its own citizens in despair, what kind of county does this to their own people?


Now the comments and posts are published in this archive and what happened in 2014 continues today, it just gets worse year to year to year. In 2014, Computerworld published initial articles about the infamous knowledge transfer and what happened in So Cal Ed - displace Americans with Indians and the humiliation of losing one’s job to a young unqualified worker from across the ocean. It got ugly. It was a pot that was steaming, and that pot became a boil as Save American Information Technology Jobs posts evolved and spread slowly across the social media ecosystem. I was mad and the gloves were off, I was going on a mission to Save American Information Technology jobs.