SAITJ Home Video Displays Trump Phony Contradictory Behavior

October 29th, 2015

Original Publication By MSNBC on August 2nd, 2014

Recorded from live TV.  No link to original video available.

SAITJ home video posted displays Trump phony contradictory behavior in which he came out against the H-1B visa, when the CNBC business correspondent asked some tough questions, Trump folded to the the tech $$$ and disappointed the hopes of IT Workers across the country. A pattern emerges.


In the first Republican Presidential debate in which H-1B was a actual question. Trump answered that he was against the H-1B visa bias and business practices, IT workers were overjoyed, I posted “Mr. TRUMP - A BIG THANK YOU FROM THE INFORMATION WORKERS of AMERICA”, that changed on October 29th 2015 to a “Mr. TRUMP - A BIG FUCK YOU FROM THE INFORMATION WORKERS of AMERICA!”


Stunned at the development, I recorded playback from MSNBC Chris Matthew’s post debate late night discussion. Chris Matthews did not know what an H-1B was, typical.