"Hail Snail Mail ! After months of desperation, we have found nirvana in the form of ground paper. mail trucks driving, ink on wood, stamp on letter, wheels delivered and a fingerprint on letter to Dear WE LOVE YOU - CAN U HELP US - BTW WE are DESPERATE.

October 23rd, 2016

Ed Snowden was sent the encrypted letter, his dark web connection re-scrambled, we received back the top secret letters in pristine form and we huddled in a location and locked and loaded these letters to each and every District Attorney is this sick greed infested country begging to help save American IT and STEM jobs by investigating the scum that has stolen our jobs and ruined our lives.


The following is the letter that was sent to approximately 83 US District Attorneys addressing the suspect criminal activity related to F-1 OPT student and H-1B visas and the current sorry state of the recruitment world of SUCK.

Dear Mr. / Madame District Attorney:


I am an Information Technology specialist and I am concerned about the current and future job security of Information Technology (IT) professionals, many of which live in your district. I am speaking of the job losses suffered by American citizens due to foreign workers. I represent a group of IT professionals as an advocate to expose and eliminate the injustices served to IT professionals throughout the country due to various visa abuses.


The visas I refer to include the F1-OPT student visa, the H1-B visa and the various L-1 Intra-company transferee visas.  H-1B visas are granted to individuals working in a “specialty occupation”, the integrity of these foreign individuals, many of Indian decent, and their motives and illicit actions have been called into question by various media outlets. Many of these H-1B’s and L-1’s have lied about their education and have produced fake resumes in order to leave their native country and their desperate situation.


Our social media outlets under the auspices of Save American Information Technology Jobs has for the past two years accumulated a timeline and a pattern of continual activity of corruption and possible criminal acts.  These abuses have resulted in significant and hurtful unemployment of American highly skilled technology and STEM workers.


What our research and Facebook timeline exposes is widespread illicit fraud in the IT technical recruiting fields that favor the Indian community and discriminates against Americans. Our research timeline has revealed widespread activity of foreign students leaving US universities, fake or otherwise, writing fake resumes and being part of widespread scams in which Indian based companies low bid contract work in IT services. This prices our US STEM graduates out of the market and out of work. These companies are often in violation of basic human rights labor laws that exploit F-1 student visa holders from India.


My question to you is what is your policy of investigation as to the improper influx of guest workers displacing to unemployment American born IT computer programmers and STEM workers?  I humbly request to you kind sir or madam with a sense of urgency, please investigate the issues I have outlined.


Please refer to our web page and to our Save American Information Technology Jobs Facebook page to locate actionable educational material. The pattern of abuse and possible criminal activity is indisputable. Our STEM and IT professionals play by the rules; our evidence is that foreign-based visa holders do not play by the rules. The results for Americans information and STEM job holders and students are tragic and unacceptable.


Please Reference: and




Stephen L. Pushor  - Alexandria Virginia