Year 2016 exploded with posts associated with the election as the H-1B and Student visa controversy and outcry reached a fever pitch.  Never before have Information Technology workers received the press attention that is deserved, knowledge transfer layoffs of IT Workers training plane loads of H-1B did not sit well with the general population as the practice spreads from industry to industry. The H-1B visa made it to the Presidential debates where Trumps erratic stances made headlines we posted. India finally got the big scare after years of cocky over reach. Hillary got exposed as the Indian Tata lobbyist lackey.


Suddenly the media propaganda machine that was promoted by political action group called FWD.US, Compete America and Partnership for a New American Economy: all the corporate organizations that advocated for increasing the H-1B visa cap became shallow and petty. They are known as the Billionaires Greed Club and it is a Corporate Billionaire Propaganda Machine.


The emergence of Breitbart News as the principal moral force with factorial reporting of H-1B layoffs; while the mainstream media ignores the plight of IT hell layoffs. The coverage of H-1B visa abuse has cracked open in several media sites that refused to cover the issue; case in point the Washington Post and Politico. Just to give you an idea, the SAVE or SAITJ page posted 100 headline posts in 2015. In 2016 over 500 headline posts and who knows how many comment posts were published. Suddenly there are H-1B and highly skilled visa workers articles all over the place.


After years sitting on a rock unnoticed by USA media, the SAVE page has posted tons of Indian based articles. In many cases the Indian media articles are more forthcoming and informative than anything in US media. This page exposed the Indian lobbying group Immigration Voice (IV) and ITServe Alliance. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the Indian IT Mafia and their RICO practices was identified and fed into the cultural lexicon. They did not like the sunshine and flashlights. Many congressmen were exposed and posted shaking hands with the likes of Immigration Voice (IV) Indians on Capitol Hill scheming to get more green cards. Over 125 congressional traitors have signed up for the Indian cause, neglecting their own citizens. We faced bombed them on their FB pages. We launched an information repository web page to bring attention to the mission and the IT Heroes.