2017 begins the Trump era in our Washington DC H-1B, L-1 Visa, F-1 OPT Green Card Giveaway Game. The way things are going, all of IT will be Indian; we are at a tipping point.  Was the Year 2017 the Tipping Point? Which did it go? We are all Eyes! Nothing Tipped, things remained the same. Only a couple of form filling out hassles were introduced to the H-1B LCA process by the Trump USCIS crowd. That did not keep the IT Tech Workers happy, but at least the right direction was pursued by DHS policy.


The Notorious H-1B:  Breitbart News was on top of the issue on the media front. Computerworld as usual will be watching closely, then Patrick Thibodeau left ComputerWorld. He was the principal IT journalist who helped IT workers overcome the H-1B and IT employment hell for years. He went off to the sunset and the IT Profession and the movement for Visa Reform will never be the same. Game Over?. Who is going to pick up the baton for Visa Reform information? Answer: Nobody. Patrick Thibodeau is not replaceable.


Patrick Thibodeau was legend. He was the focal point for many IT Workers who were used and abused by the H-1B Visa. Many IT workers spoke behind the scenes and the articles he published progressed the political movement we see and hope for as progress today. This is a huge loss for the IT community.


In March 2017 Save American Information Technology Jobs web page and Facebook page experienced a mini viral shit storm about a video titled “Let’s Take a Walk in Indian Park”. It occurred in Ohio and for a week the web page got tons of traffic and our message was delivered all over the world, Mission Accomplished in a bad publicity fashion but if that is what it takes, then we take it.


As expected Congress did not pass H-1B reform laws that either reduces the program or eliminates it as John Miano proposes.  Silicon Valley was all over the Hill to keep the Greed Machine and their precious H-1B slave plantations in operation.  Trump’s DHS did make life as miserable as possible in the H-1B process and regulation arena. For example, if a company pulls a Disney and tries to replace and train fresh H-1B’s, DHS can revoke the visas based on discrimination.  The Labor Dept. did little to investigate and enforce pending complaints in which 100% Indian males replaced a diverse IT shop. Blatant discrimination is not allowed anywhere in our economy; but somehow the Indians get a free pass. Same Old Shit Different Day (SOSDD).


The H-1B Visa is the one area where the Trump administration has done absolutely nothing to stem the tsunami of Indian invaders of the US software industry. It has not rescinded one H-1B Visa, it has not decreased the annual inflow of H-1B Visa Recipients by one person, nor has it decreased the over 2 Million Resident H-1B Visa Holders by one person. It has given some lip service to H-1B reform. It even gave lip service to ending the abominable practice, started by Obama, of allowing H-1B Visa Spouses to steal IT jobs via the H4 Visa. But so far it has not stopped the H4 visa either. But lip service alone has not helped the over 2 Million US Computer Programmers and Systems Analysts who have been displaced by the abominable H-1B and H4 Visa Programs. It is long past the time where the Trump Administration should have taken meaningful corrective action against the H-1B Visa.