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is ranked in terms of the number of certified H-1B guest workers who have taken jobs from a US citizen (Analysis of United States Department of Labor Guest Worker Visa Data, SAITJ, July 8th, 2021, p.17).

Note that the A-H1B-Facts-Primer-and-Queries-of-Interest document is at the top of the directory. The document explains the derivation of the H-1B Facts data, the geocoding techniques and a H1B Record layout for the reports. The H-1B Facts divides H-1B Facts Queues into Congressional Districts, by state, by city and by employer.

If you maintain residence in write a letter to your member(s) of the US Congress and demand they fix the laws governing guest worker policies.

Contact information for members of the House of Representatives is here.

Contact information for members of the Senate is here.

If you do not write to your members of the US Congress and demand they reform the legislation governing guest worker policies, nothing will change.

Remember The Job You Save Might Be Your Own!

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